About (Biography)

    MICHAEL KESHIGIAN is the author of nine poetry books and chapbooks including: Translucent View (Four-Sep Publications, 2000),  Dwindling Knight (BoneWorld Publishing, 2000),  Silent Poems (Four-Sep-Publications, 2004), Seeking Solace (Language and Culture.net, 2007),  Warm Summer Memories (Maverick Duck Press, 2007),  Jazz Face (Big Table Publishing 2009), Wildflowers (Flutter Press, 2011), Eagle's Perch, (Bellowing Ark Press, 2012) a collection of 60 poems focused upon observations and experiences in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and Dark Edges (Flutter Press, 2014),  a collection offering insight into the dark edges of stress, trauma or loss.
   His poems and short stories have been widely published in numerous national and international journals, anthologies, a variety of periodicals as well as many online publications, including The Oklahoma Review
, The Oyez Review, The California Quarterly, The Sierra Nevada College Review, Orange Room Review, and
The Foundling Review.  He has been a feature writer for The Aurorean, Bellowing Ark, Poetree Magazine, The Pegasus Review, The Illogical Muse, Cynic Magazine, Chantarelle's Notebook, The Westward Quarterly, Illya's Honey and Red River Review, interviewed by Boston Literary Magazine; Fall 2007 issue(bostonliterarymagazine.com), Poppy Road Review (poppyroadreview.blogspot.com) and Reader’s Choice in the Fairfield Review

   He has been nominated five times for the Pushcart Prize and twice nominated for Best Of The Net, beginning with Diversion in 2003 (Red River Review, PP), Morning Trek in 2007 (Ibbetson Street Press, PP), Homeless In N.Y.C. in 2007 (Chantarelle's Notebook, BOTN), Music Appreciation in 2011 (Illya's Honey, PP), Conception in 2012 (Red River Review, BOTN), Honeycomb Blues in 2013(Illya's Honey, PP) and What To Do With Intangibles in 2013 (California Quarterly, PP).

   His poetry cycle, Lunar Images, a series of poems concerning lunar observations, was set to music (for narrator, clarinet, and piano) by Dennis Leclaire, composer and Professor of Music at Berklee College in Boston, MA. Performances by William Lipman (clarinet), Louis Stewart (piano), and Kathryn Wright (narrator) took place at Berklee College on March 7, 2011. The work premiered at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX on November 5, 2010. A performance also took place in Moleto, Italy in September, 2011. Additionally, his poem Winter Moon, arranged for Soprano and Piano, premiered in last fall (2013) in Boston.  

  His latest efforts will be published in the forthcoming journals later this year:  Illya's Honey, California Quarterly, Boston Literary Magazine, Northern Cardinal Review, Jerry Jazz Musician, Red River Review, and Harp-Strings Poetry Journal. His short story, The Running Itch, is now online on the site Muscadine Lines

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